It’s time to Explore Panelised Systems if you Want to Secure the Full Advantages of Offsite

Offsite and modern methods of construction are attracting increasing attention as the industry looks to improve its performance on budget, timing and environmental impact. But are all offsite methods equal when it comes to delivering these benefits?

The scope of offsite techniques is quite broad as we outlined in this recent article. Of all the technologies available, Panelised Systems – like the Innovaré System – offer the most comprehensive range of benefits. This is particularly the case when in-house design, engineering and installation expertise are available from the one provider throughout the entire project.

The principal benefits of reduced onsite operations and accelerated (and predictable) build times are probably well understood. But some other benefits of Panelised Systems may be less familiar, as explained below:


The inherent strength and rigidity of the panels opens up opportunities that designers and architects are beginning to realise, having become used to the constraints imposed by traditional techniques. With specialist design and engineering support from Innovaré, innovative designs are possible that make clever use of light and space with absolute confidence that the structure will be straightforward to build in practice.

Panels can form the entire structure or be used as a frame infill or over sail, depending on the project requirements. Just about any size and shape of project can be accommodated while floor and roof cassettes make the completion of the structure extremely rapid.


A significant difference with panelised systems is the extent to which detailed planning and problem solving is done up front. Design models span the full range of M&E installations to eliminate clashes and accommodate efficient installation of services within the panel and structure design. This makes installations neater and eliminates the unscheduled onsite reworking that is so often needed to make things fit.

Innovaré promote working collaboratively from the very beginning, ensuring that you benefit from the teams expertise and experience at the planning stage to make the most of your budget within your required timescales.


Exceptional energy efficiency is a requirement on many projects. With Innovaré’s System the thermal insulation is designed into the panel. You don’t need to add any further insulation on site and the panel performance is tested and guaranteed. The precise manufacturing tolerances ensure that everything fits tightly together and low thermal bridging losses ensure that the building performs ‘as designed.’

The highest levels of energy efficiency (up to Passivhaus) can be achieved without expensive renewable energy add-ons.

Guaranteed Quality

Snagging and post-handover defects are a significant source of frustration. How many other major purchases do you make where it takes so long for something to work as it should? Minimal settlement and precise computer-controlled manufacturing ensure that panelised built structures by Innovaré have minimal defects that need correcting, before or after handover.

With Innovaré maintaining the chain of custody throughout the entire process you can rest assured that the design you scoped out will be the build that is delivered.


The construction industry is a massive consumer of energy as well as a significant producer of carbon emissions and waste. Innovaré systems take less energy to make than the equivalent bricks, blocks and cement. Precise manufacturing ensures that waste is minimised and the materials shipped to site are only the ones that are needed. There is no added waste from misordering, over ordering or improper storage, as is often the case on traditional builds.

A less often appreciated benefit is that the OSB used on the outer layers of the panel sequesters atmospheric carbon, preventing it from escaping to the atmosphere where is becomes a cause of climate change. All the wood used to make our panels comes from certified renewable sources so we can be confident that there is constant replenishment of newly planted trees.

Whatever advantages you are looking to secure by exploring offsite options, we believe that our systems offer the most comprehensive range of benefits. We also have the design and engineering expertise to make sure that the build delivers everything you expect, and more, to your project efficiency and performance.

To find out more about how Innovaré could help you achieve your project goals contact us today on 0845 674 0020. Or to find out more about the advantages of working with Innovaré visit our website.


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